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Darby Shannon Hinton (dshinton@afstores.com)
Date:Wed 16 Mar 2011 04:28:48 PM EDT
Subject:James Francis Shannon

My Mother is Mollye Jane Ann Shannon. Her father was Joseph Francis Shannon 1876-1955. Josephs parents were James Francis Shannon 1830-1876 %26 Mary Flanigan 1835-1916. James died right before Joseph was born James %26 Mary were both from Ireland and resided in Philadelphia.They arrived around 1855.They had seven Children.(Daughters Married Names) (Annie Souder), John Shannon, (Kate Dougherty), Edward Shannon,(Elizabeth Meredith),William Shannon %26 Joseph Shannon. Mary Flanigan's Parent's were James Flanigan %26 Bedelia Sullivan. This is all I know and have no links to the family since my Grandfather died before I was born. Here's hoping someone may recognize the a connection.


Darby Shannon Hinton

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Michelle Mullinger (osu1991@yahoo.com)
Date:Sat 19 Feb 2011 06:26:14 PM EST
Subject:Shannon Family nobility?

There is a rumor in my family that some of my ancestors actually lived in what they called "Shannon Castle", which might be Bunratty Castle. My third great-grandfather is Michael Shannon, was born 3 Aug 1820 in Tyholland Parish, County Monaghan, Ireland. He left Ireland in 1846 on his honeymoon trip and eventually settled in Clifton, West Virginia, where he died in 1876. That's as far back I've gotten in that branch of my family tree.

Does anyone know if there were any Shannon's that were from the upper classes or where I might look to check out this crazy story?


Michelle Mullinger

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Stephie (miladykelgan@yahoo.com)
Date:Thu 20 Jan 2011 01:18:20 AM EST
Subject:SHANNON's in New Hampshire USA

Hi I am trying to compile info. on my families history in New Hampshire and before there. The Shannon line with me begins with my gr grandmom Minnie G Shannon of Nottingham, Rockingham County NH USA If anyone knows any info. pertaining to this line or the families of Rockingham County please feel free to email me. Thank You!! %3C3

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Heather Shannon (h_shannon86@yahoo.com)
Date:Thu 13 Jan 2011 09:19:17 PM EST
Subject:Missouri Shannon's

My name is Heather Shannon. My family resides in northern Missouri. I'm doing a research paper on my family's ethnic background for a college course. So far, I know that, of course, we originated from Ireland. My grandfather's name was Gerald Shannon and his wife's name was Lois O. Shannon. Unfortunately, that's all I know at this point. If anyone has any information or leads at all, please contact me by email. Thank you!

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Catherine Woodworth (@Bonzis5@aol.com)
Date:Thu 25 Nov 2010 12:43:19 AM EST
Subject:Shannon's in Illinois

Hello, my name is Catherine. My Mother's name was Darlene Ann (Shannon) Cordas.
Her father's name was Lloyd Casper Shannon.
His Father name was Benjamin Shannon. We are trying to look up our family in Ireland. This is a long process. Could you have any idea how to start?

Thank you so much,

Catherine Woodworth
10681 Legion Rd.
Yorkville, Il. 60560

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