This website is dedicated to Shannons everywhere.  Our main focus is on the family history of the surname Shannon. 

There appear to be several sources of Shannon families in America. Shannon is believed to be Irish in origin (with apologies to the Scots) and many spellings of the name evolved over the years such as Shanahan as example.  Immigration of Shannons to the United States is believed to have occurred in two major waves.

The first wave were Scots-Irish Shannons who tended to come to America in the 1600's and 1700's.  These were generally Protestant and from Northern Ireland. The second wave of Shannons came in the mid 1800's and tended to be Catholic and from the south of Ireland. Over time these group tended to migrate westward for the major point of entry (Baltimore, New York, and Boston) to form groups in Tennessee, Virginia, Missouri, and Texas to name a few.  Large groups of Shannons still exist in Ireland, as well as former British Commonwealth countries such as Canada and Australia.

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